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Sogeco Middle East DWC is a new subsidiary of Sogeco International S.A. Switzerland.

Although set up in 2014, Sogeco Middle East benefits from a long experience in the accommodation container business of its manager and staff and from 20 years presence of Sogeco Switzerland in the global container business. Thanks to its container manufacturing facility, Sogeco Middle East is competitive and flexible in the supply of accommodation containers, house containers, office containers, shelters, portacabin, converted ISO containers, flat packs as well as turn key labor and workforce camps, schools, clinics, hospitals, dining halls for a variety of end users, from catering and general construction companies to the oil and gas and mining industry in U.A.E (United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujaira, Ras al-Khaima, Sharja and Umm al-Qaywayn) but also in Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and surrounding GCC and Middle East countries.

The activity also includes supply,trading and leasing of new and used ISO maritime containers,refrigerated containers and off shore DNV containers.


Sogeco中东DWC是Sogeco International SA的瑞士的一家新的子公司。

虽然成立于2014年,Sogeco中东得益于其经理和工作人员的住宿,集装箱业务,并从Sogeco瑞士20年在全球集装箱业务存在的长期经验。 由于其集装箱制造工厂,Sogeco中东地区具有竞争力和灵活的住宿集装箱,集装箱房子,集装箱办公室,候车亭,portacabin的供应,转化国际标准集装箱,平板包装以及交钥匙劳动和劳动力营,学校,诊所,医院,食堂为各种最终用户,从餐饮业,一般的建筑公司在石油,天然气和采矿业在阿联酋(阿拉伯联合大公国,阿布扎比,阿治曼,迪拜,Fujaira,在Ras al-KHAIMA,沙迦和乌姆人 - 盖万),而且在阿曼,卡塔尔,伊拉克,沙特阿拉伯和周边GCC和中东国家。


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